Spices used in Ayurveda in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan spices and herbs plays an important role in Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda or the Study of  Life is an old type of medicine where much accent is placed on food habits, also it accent the importance of  natural stuff like herbs and ointments.and also Ayurvedic method can be defined as the system of medicine practiced by the ancient people, utilizing very unique and natural remedies to accomplish physical and mental health.

Herbs, spices and their essences play a major role in Ayurvedic therapeutic treatments. Sri Lankan spices are used as scents, cleansers and cosmetics.

There are some herbs and spices which is added when making Ayurvedic toothpaste. One of the main spice of this ayurvedic toothpaste is cloves. cloves has the ability to numb the mouth. so as soon as sri lankan gets a toothache, he starts to chew a couple of clove buds. And this numbs the mouth and  helps to disappear the pain.therefore cloves can be describes as a good home remedy for tooth ache. Those days sri lankans used to have their own home made tooth paste. we cant call this thing exactly a paste but it was a mixture of about 10 spices like clove buds,clove leaves ,cinnamon bark,cinnamon essence... they crushed all the above spices and used it to brush their teeth. This is a one of the main reason to have very stronge teeth in sri lankans who were in those days.This tooth powder they made out of spices and herbs  helps to lower the ability of making tarter in the teeth and sticky substance in gums that produces germs and microbes, likewise helps against pyorrhoea and gingivitis, and keeps the mouth fresh throughout the day.Cloves are prescribed also for sore throats.

Nutmeg and dark pepper improves interest in food.Ginger helps to digest foods and aloe vera mixed with coconut oil makes a wonderful sun cream and the  citronella repulses bugs. These are a some of the many spices used in Ayurveda  

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